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Antimitotic Agents of Natural Origin

[ Vol. 7 , Issue. 3 ]


Advait Nagle, Wooyoung Hur and Nathanael S. Gray   Pages 305 - 326 ( 22 )


Antimitotic agents have been the most successful pharmacological agents for the treatment of cancer. The term "antimitotic agent" has traditionally been synonymous with tubulin-targeting compounds, but as a consequence of the large number of new compounds and mechanisms that have been identified recently, a much broader definition is currently needed. This review attempts to provide a broad overview of compounds and their cognate protein targets which result in a block in mitosis. Focus has been placed on agents that act directly on the mitotic machinery rather than on targets further upstream such as growth factor receptors.


Microtubules, Paclitaxel, Epothilone A, malignant glioma cell lines, tubulin interacting agents, Vinca Alkaloids


Genomics Institute of theNovartis Research Foundation, 10675 John J. Hopkins Drive, San Diego,CA 92121, USA.

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