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Resolving Inflammation in Heart Failure: Novel Protective Lipid Mediators

[ Vol. 17 , Issue. 10 ]


Marta Reina-Couto, Luís Vale, Jorge Carvalho, Paulo Bettencourt, António Albino-Teixeira and Teresa Sousa   Pages 1206 - 1223 ( 18 )


Inflammation is an important pathogenic mechanism in chronic heart failure (HF). The perpetuation of the inflammatory response in this syndrome may result either from excessive activation of proinflammatory cascades or disturbances in the resolution of inflammation. However, although cardiovascular research has extensively investigated the proinflammatory processes involved in chronic HF pathophysiology, the mechanisms responsible for inflammation resolution in this disease remain largely disregarded. The resolving response is currently considered an active process involving specific effectors that limit the progression of inflammation and promote tissue regeneration. This article aims at reviewing the major classes of lipid mediators of inflammation resolution, their cardiovascular, metabolic and renal protective effects that might putatively delay the onset and progression of chronic HF, and their therapeutic modulation. Furthermore, it also aims to emphasize the importance of adopting therapeutic strategies that stimulate the resolution of inflammation in chronic HF.


Heart failure, resolution of inflammation, proresolving lipid mediators, cardiovascular/metabolic and renal protection, therapeutic modulation.


Departamento de Farmacologia e Terapêutica, Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto, Rua Dr. Plácido da Costa, 91, Piso 3, 4200-450 Porto, Portugal.

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