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Nanoparticles-Based Treatment for Bone Metastasis

[ Vol. 17 , Issue. 3 ]


Rossana Saracino, Rosa Luciano, Giulia Battafarano, Antonio Perrotta, Maurizio Muraca and Andrea Del Fattore   Pages 303 - 310 ( 8 )


Bone is the principal site of metastasis for many carcinomas, including prostate. Once bone metastases are established, the chances of survival dramatically drop. Bone metastases place patients at increased risk of skeletal-related events, including pathologic fractures, bone pain and hypercalcemia. Indeed, skeletal metastases represent the prevalent cause of morbidity and mortality for many tumors. They are the result of interactions among tumour cells, bone marrow environment and bone cells (vicious cycle). In the last few years many efforts were undertaken to identify new therapeutic approaches for bone metastasis. Current therapies target the several players of bone vicious cycle. However many adverse effects are associated with these treatments. This review will focus on the new emerging sector of nanomedicine, that could be important to identify more specific and safe treatments for bone metastasis.


Bone metastasis, nanoparticles, prostate cancer.


Regenerative Medicine Unit, Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, IRCCS Viale di San Paolo 15 00146, Rome, Italy

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